05 November, 2016

Choose your prefer environment and price for your holiday

Our company have three different sites with different environment and different price range. Please feel free to choose the accommodation sites based on your preferances and price range.

Pangkor Guesthouse SPK 邦咯小筑
~ started 18 Aug 2012
~ first guesthouse in the centre of SPK fish village town
~ renovated from old mansion, remain old structure and with lots of up-cycle interior design
~ near SPK jetty/pier, surrounded by local food stalls and coffee shop and sea product dealer.
~ price range : medium low

~ Website : http://spkpangkorguesthouse.blogspot.com/

~ Facebook : http://facebook.com/PangkorGuesthouseSPK


Pangkor Fish House 邦咯渔家
~ started 13 Mar 2015.
~ concrete stilt house built above the sea water at fish village
~ sunrise view at roof top, watch across the ocean and open air with sea breeze at common area.
~ price range : medium

~ Website : http://pangkorfishhouse.blogspot.com/

~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pangkorfishhouse


Lot 10 Fun House 乐天翻
~ started 1 Dec 2015.
~ studio family room, security guard and swimming pool.
~ 2 min walk to Pasir Bogak beach for swimming and sea-sport activities.
~5 to 10 min walk to seafood restaurant, 'ikan bakar' grill seafood and 'mamak' stall.
~ Family Room price range : medium

~ Website :http://lottenfunhouse.blogspot.my/

~ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lottenfunhouse/


30 October, 2016

Other services

Travel Package!!!

  • Van Round Island 
  • Wildlife Watching: Hornbill, Wild Boar...
  • Village Heritage Tourdry prawn, fish market, ais ball, fish farm feeding
  • Snorkeling
  • Barbecue (BBQ)
Note: If you interested you can register at our reception counter when you arrived. No need advance booking except for large group or public holiday.The price is given along with the number of people.

  • 出租车环岛
  • 观看野生动物:犀鸟,山猪...
  • 漫步渔村(虾米干,鱼市场,冰丸,养鱼场喂鱼)
  • 浮潜
  • 烧烤

Other service and arrangement 其他服务和安排:

>>Exclusive tips and guide free from hosts. 免费 独家提示和主导
Tips and map for local food, sunrise, sunset, fish market, local product and satay, other factory, etc.
Better holiday plan according to your own phase and interests with our advice.

>> Shuttle service to beach by van巴士接送服务到海滩
Calculate the price according to trip point.

>> Day tour to visiting place tourist and round island (RM 80 ~RM100 per van) 一日游参观旅游景点和环岛(RM 80~RM100 一辆)
This trip is about 2 hours, maximum one van is 10 -12 persons.
Pickup from guesthouse, boat building factory, anchovy factory, old temple, gallery, historical rock and Dutch Fort, fun feeding in floating fish farm

>> Transportation rental出租交通工具
Mountain bicycle, motorbikes, scooter, private car shuttle 

>> Round Island by boat ride and snorkeling乘船环岛和浮潜
Free pickup, fish farm visit, boat building, fish village, all nearby island hopping, snorkeling

Round Island Boat ride and snorkeling

>> Floating fish farm visiting and fun feeding 参观养鱼场和喂养
Free feeding and experience fishing village life
Only open and provide free for our guests.

>> Jungle Trekking (for group, more than 10 peoples) 丛林徒步旅行(团体,多过10个人)
Plant identification, survival skill, nature in our lifestyle, customize into leisure trek or team-building.


 >> Fishing - bridge, floating fish farm, boat fishing. 钓鱼--桥,浮鱼养鱼场,船钓
Free fishing at Pangkor Fish House (another place)
Provide rental fishing rod RM10/ day includes baitonly open for our guest.
出租鱼竿RM10/ 一天包括鱼饵,只开放给我们的住客。

 >> Horbill Watching 观看犀鸟