Our stories

Our stories 我们的故事:

2004~2014 : Pangkor Aquaculture fishfarm: 邦咯水养殖场
In year 2014 where all the fish-farmer closed down their operation in Pangkor Island, we come back from city to his home-town and started with these new fish-farm.
For fishing fans, this is a good place for you to do fishing on floating fish cages with economic price and ease to access from land.

since Aug 2012: Pangkor Guesthouse SPK (Sungai Pinang Kecil):邦咯小筑(吉灵丸)

When majority aiming to build the lodging at tourist spot, we take the challenge to start the first guesthouse in local fishing village.
Pangkor guesthouse renovated from old shop-house with remain the 100 years old wood and pillar, creative design and re-built of waste material.
We are located at 1 minute walking distance from the Pangkor SPK jetty (1st stop). SPK is a local village with nice and delicious local food, local activities, sea products like anchovy, satay fish, etc.
We are not only lodging provider, but also would like to share local culture and guide you to experience how "pangkorian" live.
Sungai Pinang Kecil (SPK) is the biggest fish cillage in Pangkor where the most local food and activities you can find here.
Be our guest of Pangkor Guesthouse SPK. Let us guide you to the in-depth tour in Pangkor Island. Explore Pangkor Island the way Pangkorian does!

since March 2015: Pangkor Fish House :邦咯渔家 
branch out from Pangkor Guesthouse SPK, this is a new guesthouse sitting on the stilt above the sea-water. A small beach during low tide, sea-view and nice sunrise. We would like to share our experience as fish-farmer, providing lodging and other service such as fishing trip, city tour, boat tour, seafood dinner and fish-farm visiting to our guests from Pangkor Fish House and Pangkor Guesthouse SPK.